Tuesday, April 7, 2009

April 15 Tax Day Tea Party

We are holding a tax day tea party on April 15 near the front steps of Florida's Historic State Capitol at 5:00 P.M. This is part of a tax day tea party national movement. More than 300 tea parties are already planned around the country for April 15, including more than 25 in Florida.

Featured speakers in Tallahassee include:
* Preston Scott, host of "The Morning Show" on 100.7 WFLA FM
* Senator Mike Haridopolos (R-Melbourne, District 26)
* Representative Ritch Workman (R-Melbourne)
* Matthew Falconer, LowerTaxesNow.org
* Francisco Gonzalez, The James Madison Institute

Also, musical entertainment will be provided by:
* H.J. Kuntry
* BenJammin Franklin
* Conserv O Punk

Please come and join over 1,000 Tallahassee area residents as we join in the American tradition of a taxpayer tea party. Stimulus-free tea will be provided.

If you can, bring a sign, a love of freedom, and a friend!

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  1. Are we Headed for Plantation Nation?

    IMHO, the socialist state IS exactly like an antebellum southern plantation!?! The limousine liberals in the "Mansion on the Hill" who run the place are the "chosen" and are the "better" people... who "care" for the great unwashed that (should)live in the mud huts. They know us ordinary folk won’t spend our money and live our lives like we "should"... so they must, for our own good, limit our freedom and keep us in line! Why do the libs ALWAYS side with the tyrants of the world???

    With the "Plantation Liberal" policy of no nuke, no coal, no gas, no oil, no biomass… how do we maintain our lifestyles? Soooo... as we (soon) sleep each night in discomfort (no heat, no air, can’t burn wood… CO2 ya know) we are comforted to know that our sacrifice "saves" Mother Earth... but somehow I suspect our "leaders" (rulers?) will be exempt from any of these efforts to "save the planet"! Just like the Plantation owner of yore?!

    For more check out the musings (rantings?) of RedNeckoBlogger.